Jack Exton

Director of Photography

This is Jack Exton talking about is career earnestly in the third person.

I'm a North London boy. My family are Italian. I cook better than you. In a pub, I order strong lager and pork scratchings. I like oysters and and very cold very dry white wine. On Sunday, I go to Columbia Road Market and buy overpriced plants and coffee - but only because it makes me feel grown up. I wear a pearl necklace everyday because it confuses people.

I have always tinkered with cameras. My first film was a documentary about a punk rock band featuring myself and my childhood friend Louis. We were 7 or 8 years old. The credits were written on a toilet roll. Since then I've worked on film sets of every size for the last decade. I worked my way up the ranks in the traditional way as a trainee, 2nd assistant, focus puller, and finally as a DOP. I've spent the last 5 years pretty much solely working in fashion so that part of the job I get. I can do the job to a very high standard, I'm not a pain in the arse and I have some of the best spotify playlists in the biz.

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